Summer in Northern Norway – A Photo Story

28. September 2018

The Sweet Days of Summer

With the smell of Fall in the air and Summer days all but gone I thought I’d do a quick recap of what Summer looks like above the Arctic Circle. For the locals, it’s the time of the light. It is the time of the endless Sun. But in my eyes, eyes of an outsider, Summer in Northern Norway can be a bit, well, sketchy! There’s rain, lots and lots of rain, and cool weather throughout most of June and into July. So this year it was a nice surprise to get a week of 80 degree weather by the end of July. And let me tell ya, that does not happen often in these parts of the world.

Not everyone was as excited as me for these high summer temperatures and I have heard many complaints from the locals that they are “literally melting” and “OMG! It’s so hot”.  To be fair, it was a bit warm and difficult to sleep at night as most (probably all) Norwegian houses do not have any sort of a cooling system other than open windows.

So besides sunny skies and warm days, the heat wave brought us some beautiful sunsets which in late July happen around 11:30ish PM.


Ice Cream, please!

After the heatwave it was back to reality and mid 60’s weather, which is not bad for this region. We had perfect days to stroll down to the harbor and enjoy some Softis which is the best ice cream ever, next to McDonald’s soft serve of course.



Hiking for All

If you’re into the outdoors then this place has tons for you to explore, hiking and climbing, beaches and mountains and everything in between. Me personally, I am not super big into hiking. However, I do have a few hikes under my belt and am starting to really enjoy them more and more. I mean, just look at these views.



Another plus, many of these hikes are easily accessible with children. In fact, Norwegian children spend most of their time outdoors regardless the weather. This is something I’m still getting used to as those living in the US know is far from the American norm. Check out this IG post to read about our latest hiking adventure.



Music is Life

Another Summer ritual is attending all of these fun outdoor concerts, and there’s plenty of those to attend through the Summer season. What’s better than good friends, fresh air, some wine and great music!



Potato Love

So yes, another Summer is in the books and as Winter season is quickly approaching I leave you with a shot of a heart potato. Because we all need a little bit of love in our lives, even if it comes in a form of a potato.