First of, what are Stories? A story is an animated slide show that might include, photos, videos, sound and text and just like the title says, it tells a story. It might be a story of your Wedding Day or your most recent vacation or it might be a story of your business and the current promotion that you are running.

Stories for You

Capture your special day in a different way. With stories, you get a quick video that you can show to your friends or share on social media. It shows your event in a fun and memorable way with your favorite music, captions and images. They are specifically made to fit Instagram Stories perfectly, making it easy to share your day with your friends.

Stories for Your Business

In the age of social media marketing, there’s no better or cost effective way to reach your target audience than by advertising through these social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Use custom made stories to learn about your audience, promote your business, run promotions and show the real people behind your brand. 

Create your story today, contact me for a custom quote.